SEC Challenges Stablecoins, Circle CEO Allaire Fights Back

Summary: • Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has challenged the SEC’s recent crackdown on Paxos and its issuance of Binance’s stablecoin. • Allaire believes that Stablecoins are a payment system, not a security, and should not be regulated by the SEC. • The SEC is relying on the Securities Act of 1933 to justify its jurisdiction Read More

Ripple’s CBDC to Boost Singapore’s Financial Sector: What’s Next?

• Ripple is expanding its focus on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) with a large practice in Singapore. • Ripple has established collaborations with several countries and is pursuing numerous CBDC initiatives around the world, including the digital pound. • Speculation has arisen regarding potential government connections for promoting a CBDC in Singapore. Ripple’s CBDC Read More

Create Bitcoin NFTs Instantly with Gamma’s No-Code Platform

• Gamma, a no-code creator tooling platform, has launched a platform for creating Bitcoin NFTs. • Ordinals are data inscriptions linked to individual satoshis and creating them is highly technical and complex. • Gamma’s platform simplifies the process of creating ordinals and allows anyone with a Bitcoin address to inscribe digital content using their creator Read More

Unlock Your Inner Potential: Find Your Path to Success!

• The article discusses the importance of creating a digital marketing plan for small businesses. • It outlines five key elements to consider when creating such a plan: target audience, budget, goals, strategy, and tactics. • It also provides guidance on setting realistic goals and utilizing various digital marketing tools effectively. The Importance of Digital Read More

Commodity Fetishism: Understanding Capitalism’s False Perception of Value

– This article discusses the concept of ‚commodity fetishism‘ as it relates to Marxist theory and capitalism. – It explains how commodities, in the form of objects, are imbued with symbolic meaning, creating a false perception of value. – It also looks at the implications of this phenomenon on society and how it contributes to Read More