And another record high – Bitcoin cracked $ 24,000 at the weekend

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Bitcoin’s soaring continues, which means that the US $ 24,000 mark has now also been jumped.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) hit a new record high today, December 19th. At the weekend, the market-leading cryptocurrency is on the up again and is adding the next milestone to its current high-altitude flight.

From record high to record high

As data from Cointelegraph Markets and Tradingview show, Bitcoin jumped to $ 24,210 today, breaking the previous new record set just this week.

After breaking the previous high of $ 23,777, things went up a little further before the new high came to an end and went down again. The price data shows that there is great pressure to sell at the psychologically important $ 24,000 mark.

„If we? Weekend still a record high,“ as Cointelegraph Markets Analyst Michaël van de Poppe provides questioningly into the room . Bitcoin investors seem to take up this challenge as the bulls keep pushing up.

Expert warns of return

With today’s upswing, the soaring flight of recent weeks continues, with significant gains also being made on weekends , and not just during the week as usual.

Meanwhile, on Saturday , Van de Poppe warned that support will only be available again at $ 18,500. Any return would be unchecked until then.

“Such vertical upswings often don’t last very long. At some point there will be another downturn. Nobody can say when this downturn will come. Bitcoin could climb up to 30,000 US dollars before it goes down again by 30%, ”as the expert summarizes the current situation.