Apple Pulls Decentralized Social App Damus – Crypto Community Outraged

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• Apple has removed Damus, a decentralized social media app, from its App Store.
• The move was met with outcry from the crypto community, which accused Apple of having too much control over web-based content.
• Critics highlighted the “Apple Tax” (a 30% commission charged by Apple on all in-app purchases), and many called for regulation to counteract Big Tech’s power.

Apple Pulls Twitter Alternative Damus

Apple recently made the controversial decision to remove Damus, a decentralized social media app backed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, from its App Store. This comes shortly after the tech giant rejected the app’s Bitcoin tipping feature. The move sparked an uproar among cryptocurrency users who view it as a sign of Big Tech’s excessive power over web-based content.

Damus‘ Response

In response to Apple’s move, Damus took to Twitter to explain that its Bitcoin tipping service does not constitute digital content or services being sold and therefore should not be subject to Apple’s 30% commission. They also stated their intention to appeal the removal of their app from the App Store.

Outrage Over Apple on Social Media

The removal of Damus prompted crypto supporters to take to social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit where they expressed outrage at Apple’s policies and called for regulation against Big Tech’s growing influence over web-based content and services. In particular, they highlighted the “Apple Tax” (a 30% commission charged by Apple on all in-app purchases). Some users even vowed never again buy an iPhone or Solana phone in protest against these practices.

Questions Surrounding Digital Freedom

The incident raises some important questions about digital freedom and how it can be safeguarded going forward. With large tech companies such as Apple now controlling what content is available via their platforms, users are increasingly concerned about censorship and lack of choice when choosing which services they use online.

Future Regulation?

The removal of Damus has generated debate about potential regulations that could be put in place to protect digital freedom going forward. It remains unclear whether governments will step in with legislation that will limit Big Tech’s power but many people are calling for action before it is too late.