Bitboy Ignores $1B Court Order: I Will Not Be Showing Up

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• Bitboy, a prominent crypto influencer, has been named in a $1 billion lawsuit against FTX promoters.
• In response to the court order to appear due to claims of harassment, Bitboy has asserted that he will not be showing up.
• Crypto Twitter users have cautioned him against this decision and suggested he risks being charged with contempt.

Bitboy Named in $1 Billion FTX Lawsuit

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has ordered crypto influencer Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong to appear with his attorney on April 20 due to claims of harassment in a $1 billion lawsuit against allegedly sponsored FTX promoters. The lawsuit was filed after evidence of harassment against plaintiff lawyers surfaced following the collapse of FTX and its token, FTT.

Bitboy Refuses To Appear In Court

In response to the court order, Bitboy took to Twitter on April 14 and stated that he would not show up in court to address the harassment claims despite being summoned by the court. He verbally abused the lawyers heading up the lawsuit and described the court order as an “inconvenience”.

Crypto Community Reacts To Decision

The crypto community was quick to respond after Bitboy’s announcement, suggesting that his decision could lead him into trouble with contempt charges if he does not comply with the court order. Others have commented that this is an example of what can go wrong when one keeps it real in such situations.

FTX Collapse Blamed On Influencers & Executives

In light of FTX’s collapse, there has been plenty of blame sent around between now-disgraced former executives and celebrities and crypto influencers who promoted its exchange and token FTT without disclosing any paid promotion deals they had in place. Bitboy was named as one such example in this $1 billion suit.


It remains unclear what action will be taken if Bitboy continues to refuse appearing before the court and ignoring their orders, though it is likely ill-advised given how vocal members of Crypto Twitter were about their disapproval for his decision.