Bitcoin course could not keep above $18,500

On Tuesday 24 November, the price of bitcoin falls. At 09:50 MSK, the first crypt currency is traded at $18,3105 (-0.56%), according to CoinMarketCap. At the same time, over the last 24 hours the bitcoin exceeded $18,500 and even touched $18,700, but retreated.

The air price rose to $611.48 (+5.42%). XRP rose by 56.22% to $0.711.

The team of FxPro analysts notes:

„Bitcoin is not the main character of the last 24 hours, showing even a slight decline. The ball is ruled by altokhoins. Recently, news has been so rarely related to alternative cryptov currencies that the current dynamics are becoming particularly valuable.

Almost all coins are growing and the dynamics are particularly strong around XRP, which has grown by 56% in the last 24 hours. Against this backdrop, the Bitcoin Code Domination Index is falling rapidly to 60%, losing 3 points at once per day. Retail investors attracted by the growth of the bitcoin are now probably the main buyers in the krypto market. However, the high price of the first cryptocurrency scares away retail buyers, while altoDCs are trading at very comfortable levels.

The air has passed the $600 threshold for a day, but on Tuesday morning the coin is traded below that level. Nevertheless, however strong the current demand for alto coins is, it is the bitcoin that ultimately sets the initial tone for the market. If the reference crypt currency does not continue to grow, or if it does enter the correction phase, it will trigger an equally tough sale of altokines, which so far have enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years.“