Giddy Wallet: Autogas Feature Now Available on Polygon Network!

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• Giddy Wallet is introducing Autogas feature on Polygon, allowing users to pay for gas with USDC stablecoin or the GIDDY token.
• Multi-coin support will also become available on Giddy’s app on the Polygon Network.
• Giddy began operations in 2021 and was launched to offer secure and frictionless DeFi access to a diverse group of users.

Giddy Wallet Introduces Autogas Feature for Polygon

Giddy is introducing the ability to pay for gas with USDC stablecoin or the GIDDY token on Polygon for wallet users. Gas can also still be paid with MATIC. This update will allow users to purchase, transfer, hold, and track their positions for a wide range of the most widely-used digital tokens on Polygon. Multi-coin support will also begin within Giddy’s app on the Polygon Network. With this launch, Giddy becomes the first digital wallet to provide users options to perform transactions on Polygon without keeping MATIC in their balance.

Giddy Offers Secure and Frictionless DeFi Access

Eric Parker, co-founder and CEO of Giddy said: „We’re so excited to share this milestone with everyone. By not having to hold native tokens to pay for gas, both new and experienced crypto users can enjoy a much more seamless experience with Web3.“ Giddy began operations in early 2021 and was launched to offer secure and frictionless DeFi access to a diverse group of users, enabling crypto traders to benefit from the next evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency tech. After surpassing 100,000 users on the waitlist, Giddy launched on Google Play on Android and the App Store on iOS in January of 2023. The platform began to introduce services by helping clients tap into the lucrative rewards of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Giddy Addresses Challenges Faced By Crypto Traders

However, the team quickly realized that the available tools were limited, and the knowledge barriers were too difficult for many new traders to overcome. That’s why they have been working hard towards addressing these challenges with robust yet intuitive mobile apps which enable customers to manage self-custody cryptocurrency wallets where they own their keys through which they truly own their funds – unlike FTX catastrophes as they are not custodians of customer funds but only software providers..

GIDDY Becomes Industry Standard

The introduction of Autogas feature takes significant steps forward in making it an industry standard as it provides more options and greater accessibility for clients that regularly use Gidduy’s wallet., The team believes that staying true towrds DeFi principles like permissionless trustless decentralized tech will help them strategically capitalize upon opportunities offered by blockchain technology .


To summarize ,Gidddy Wallet is introducing autogas feature which makes it easier for people wanting o use Web3 applications without holding native tokens thus making transactions more seamless .This is an important step forward in bringing industry standards as well as enhanced accessibility options while ensuring security through its self custudy system all while staying true tp Decentralized finance principles .