Investors Beware: WDC Has Nothing to Do with Sam Altman’s Worldcoin

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• WorldCoin (WDC) and Sam Altman’s Worldcoin are unrelated projects.
• The price of WDC surged recently due to confusion over its namesake.
• Investors need to exercise caution and do research before investing in any project.

Confusion Over Two Unrelated Projects

Worldcoin, a crypto project co-founded by Open AI CEO Sam Altman, has recently been sparking debate about privacy and digital identity. This discussion has accompanied the surge of an unrelated token – WorldCoin (WDC). Despite no new updates from the project, the token experienced a significant surge between May 15 and May 17 likely due to the recent buzz around Altman’s project.

Unexpected Price Surge Prompted Disclaimer

The surge even prompted a response from WDC. The project posted a prominent disclaimer on its website to educate investors on the two tokens. “Welcome, newcomers. We want to clarify something with you. We are not the ‘ORB RETINA SCANNING WORLDCOIN.‘ They are imposters stealing our name,” the website writes. On top of that, confusion over stock names and tickers costs millions of dollars to investors every year according to a 2019 study.

WorldCoin vs Worldcoin

WorldCoin is an older crypto that remained mostly unnoticed, with a relatively low market cap and volume since it was launched in 2013; while Sam Altman launched his Worldcoin in 2019 which is pioneering eyeball-scanning technique for identity verification but not available for trading and has no market value yet.. As such this fact seemed to confuse some users looking to benefit from the success of venture-backed Worldcoin which caused its price went from $0.0395 to $0.063 within 2 days (May 15 -17). It also surged 1,000% in March this year potentially due to mistaken association with Altman’s project as well.

Investor Caution Advised

It is important that investors need exercise caution when investing in any projects as there might be misunderstanding or confusion arising out of similar names or projects being related even though they are not closely related at all like what we have seen happened between WDC and Sam Altman’s Worldcoin . Hence it is essential for investors do more research into these kind of situations so as not fall into wrong investments due to misconception or misinformation surrounding them .


In conclusion , investors should always exercise caution when investing in any projects especially if there are multiple projects with similar names or features involved . Instead , they should conduct thorough research before making any decisions so as not fall victim into wrong investments due misassociation between different projects or tokens .