Ripple Scores Big Win, XRPL Expansion Into South Korea Set to Begin

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• Ripple and Catalyze Research are jointly developing an XRPL education program tailored for developers to accelerate the adoption of XRPL.
• South Korea has witnessed remarkable XRP trading volumes compared to other nations.
• Ripple’s victorious legal battle with the SEC has opened new avenues for the company to expand its reach and services to untapped markets, particularly in South Korea.

Ripple Developing XRPL Education Program

Ripple and Catalyze Research have developed an XRPL education program for developers to facilitate the integration of decentralized applications (dApps) on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). The two companies plan to organize workshops, meetups, and hackathons within the community as well. Catalyze Research, a “scrappy” firm experienced in blockchain analysis, is ideal partner for boosting developer participation and innovation on XRPL.

South Korea Witnesses Remarkable Trading Volumes

South Korea has established itself as a vibrant blockchain technology hub with impressive expertise and innovation in Web3 technology. From January to May 2021, XRP emerged as the most actively traded cryptocurrency on South Korean crypto exchanges closely following Bitcoin (BTC). During this period, trading volumes of XRP reached a staggering $24.5 billion – nearly triple that of Ether (ETH), which stood at around $9 billion.

SEC Victory Opens Avenues For Expansion

The successful legal battle between Ripple and SEC has opened up new opportunities for Ripple to expand its reach into untapped markets like South Korea. Vice President Markus Infanger recognizes South Korea’s potential as a „dynamic market“ with skilled developer community that could be harnessed by adopting more services from Ripple’s platform.

Catalyze Research: Ideal Partner For Expansion

Catalyze Research is an ideal partner for facilitating expansion into South Korean market due to their extensive experience in blockchain analysis, especially in Web3 ecosystem including chains such as Avalanche and Tezos. They have earned a reputation as “scrappy” firm which can help boost developer participation and innovation regarding XRPL adoption in South Korea.


The partnership between Ripple and Catalyze Research provides the perfect opportunity for Ripple’s expansion into untapped markets like South Korea where there exists great potential due skilled developer communities who could make use of more services from Ripple’s platform while simultaneously boosting awareness regarding utilizing the XRP Ledger (XRPL). This collaboration will further increase trading volumes observed within South Korean crypto exchanges while providing educational opportunities for developers keen on integrating dApps onto the ledger thereby accelerating its adoption across various platforms worldwide