zkSync Era Unlocks $1.7M Stuck in Smart Contract with ‚Elegant‘ Solution

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Gemholic Stuck 921 ETH in Smart Contract on zkSync Era

• A project called Gemholic got 921 ETH stuck in a smart contract on zkSync Era due to using an incorrect piece of code.
• zkSync found an „elegant solution“ to the problem, but cautioned users against using certain functions not supported by zkSync Era.
• The team advised users to deploy their smart contracts on the zkSync Era testnet first to avoid any technical issues.


Two teams recently launched their zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) scaling projects, which was a much-anticipated move for the layer-2 space. However, Matter Labs‘ project, zkSync Era, faced some bumps during its first days on Ethereum mainnet when a project called Gemholic couldn’t access its 921 ETH funds it raised in a token sale due to wrong usage of one specific function: .transfer().

Solution Found By zkSync

zkSync then said it had found an „elegant solution“ to unlock the stuck ETH and that Gemholic can now access the funds. It also reiterated that zkSync Era is not EVM-equivalent and not all EVM functionality works on its network.

A Warning From zksync

The team warned others that when deploying their smart contracts on zkSync Era there is a warning about not using .transfer() function and advised them to deploy their smart contracts on the testnet first before going live in order to find bugs or other technical issues.


Overall, although there were some bumps with launching and running projects on zksync era, they have been able to find solutions quickly and efficiently; however, it is important for users to be aware of what are the functionalities supported by this platform so they don’t run into similar problems as Gemholic did.